Scaled to Perfection

Scaled to Perfection: A Gallery of New Miniatures
October 12, 2018 — May 31, 2019

The KSB Miniatures Collection is celebrating ten years with an exciting eight-month-long exhibition featuring hundreds of newly acquired miniatures. The exposition will highlight some of the most extraordinary examples of fine-scale art to come available in years. Work from legendary artisans of the past and present will be represented, as well as pieces from talented new artisans, displayed on 43 freestanding lit pedestals and in houses and wall cases. Work includes items from every category including textiles, porcelain, fine-art reproductions and precious metals. In addition, several structures—old and new—will debut along with outstanding pieces purchased from the Miniature Masterworks show in Kansas City.

  • Savage Manor by Mulvany & Rogers, depicting how Kaye’s ancestors’ 16th century English home may have appeared
  • Never-before-displayed pieces by Noel and Pat Thomas include The Whittier, a craftsman bungalow once owned by collector Sarah Salisbury and Megler Landing, an elaborately detailed Victorian.
  • The historic Paul Revere House, Folly Cove and Davidson Shop in Williamsburg by the late Pam Throop, as well as Stonewood Cottage by Ron and April Gill, will also debut along with a distinguished law office by Ashby & Jedd and A Tribute to Browning Manufacturing by Bill Robertson. 

Artisans represented include

Althea Crome
David Iriarte
Jens Torp
Phyllis Hawkes
Pat Hartman
Chris Malcomson
Mulvany & Rogers
Ursula Dyrbye-Skovsted
Victoria Morozova
Lee-Ann Chellis Wessel
Frances Peterson
Henny Staring-Egberts
Rachel Roet
Paris Renfroe
Leslie Smith
David Hurley
Noel & Pat Thomas
Nicola Mascall
Geoffrey Wonnacott
Pat Richards
Pam Throop
Susan Parris
Mark Gooch
Annelle Ferguson
Tom Roberts
Michael Yurkovic
Gill Rawlings
Kraig Councell
Ashby & Jedd
Raffaele Tiozzo
Barbara Davis
Ron and April Gill
Catherine Soubzmaigne-Bonnefont
Carey Seven
Bluette Maloney
Bill Robertson
Michael Puff
Kerri Pajutee
Beth Freeman-Kane
Linda Young
Elizabeth McInnis
and many more
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